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4.4 out of 5 stars. 51. $11.50. Fleming Traps Beaver Castor Lure - 1 oz. Castoreum is a traditional and highly valued natural perfume ingredient made from the aged, dried scent glands of the adult Beaver, Castor Canadensis in North America and Castor Fiber, native to Europe. The glands, or Castor Sacs, in both male and female adults, produce a scent that is thought to That's too cheap for nuisance beav.I get 75 and even that is too cheap for summer trapping,but then there is the castor.

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Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. What seems to have lowered the price of beaver hats was less the increased supply of pelts, than the production of demi-castor, or half-beavers.

Size Add to cart One of the oldest attractors known to man. Attractive to all furbearers. Heavy paste Beaver Castor. Regular price $6.00 Sale price $6.00 Sale.

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Beaver castor prices

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Beaver castor prices

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böckling - bloater. bödel - ricinolja - castor-oil.
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Beaver Castoreum - Ensure castor is completely dry before shipping. TIP: Ship castors in paper bag - not plastic bag. Make a cut about 2 inches above the vent hole. Do not ship oil glands 2020-12-12 · KanOkla Fur Company is a licensed fur buyer, paying high fur prices. Hunters and Trappers receive top prices for wild fur such as bobcats, coyotes, coons, beavers, foxes, mink, and other furbearers.