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Examples:  Swedish is descended from Old Norse. Compared to its progenitor, Swedish grammar is much These examples cover all regular Swedish caseless noun forms. Swedish differs, inter alia, in having a separate third-person reflexive pronoun sig ("himself"/"herself"/"itself"/"themselves" - analogous to French se), and distinct  A similar tendency can sometimes be observed in casual English, e.g. "the guy over there's hat". The reflexive pronoun refers to the agent of the sentence. Other examples of reflexive verbs: tvätta sig, have a wash lära sig, learn You have to put a reflexive pronoun at the end of a reflexive verb.

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We use verb + object + reflexive pronoun when we want to emphasize that another person did not do the action (or assist). I repaired the tire myself. They did the homework themselves. Reflexive Pronouns The reflexive pronouns are myself, yourself, herself, himself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, and themselves. (These words can be either reflexive pronouns or emphatic pronouns.

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Here, a reflexive pronoun has to be used in order to refer to the subject of the sentence.

Eg of reflexive pronoun

In this case, it has mis-identified their as a reflexive pronoun. That name is generally reserved for pronouns like themselves..
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Eg of reflexive pronoun

He should be really proud of himself.

2019-03-17 · Reflexive pronouns are used much less often in English than in other languages. This explanation provides an overview of reflexive pronoun use in English with explanations and examples. Pronouns are called reflexive pronouns when the action of the verb turns back on the subject. Reflexive pronouns are usually objects of the verb.
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Reflexive (sig); : WH-word, i.e. interrogative or relative pronoun, determiner,  [Several common Danish words have variant spellings in current usage (e.g. We note reflexive pronouns in the player's command and convert them to the  and a pronoun are allowed; (4) gives an example in which a gap is allowed In (a) the reflexive is contained in the subject of a clause that dominates the clause.